Indigo Dyeing Workshop with Lynne Gavin


Next Friday, come to Sandbox from 5:00-8:00 for an Indigo Dye workshop. Indigo Dyeing is a traditional dye process that will be taught by Lynne Gavin from Colors of Nature VT! Bring your own garments that you would like to dye and we will be able to walk you through the process and unique practice of indigo dyeing, making it a fun workshop experience! 


INSTRUCTOR: Lynne is a talented artist specializing in dye and botanical prints. She grows, forages, or sustainably sources all of her own botanicals and creates textile pieces that are inspired by nature. Lynne started her business, Colors of Nature VT, to sell her botanical apparel and homewares that all have natural elements. 


BRING: A couple garments to dye. Cotton or natural fibers work best! 


* Due to time constrains adults only for this workshop. We will have more workshops in the future that will be more kid-friendly*



Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations made within the 72 hour window after registering will be issued a full refund, no charge. If we have a minimum of 5 people signed up before the workshop, we will contact all participants ahead of time to let them know if the workshop will be cancelled or not. 


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