Dates: 7/8-7/12 and 8/12-8/16.

Times: 9:00 - 1:00

Ages: 10 - 12

Price:$375 for the week



This camp is designed for kids to inspire innovative ways to reduce waste in their daily experience by learning to think creatively about everyday objects that are usually thrown away. Whether it’s creating a suncatcher from recycled bottles or tie dying a stained t-shirt, every day we will create a new artistic project that will help cultivate a new generation of forward thinking creatives to inspire change.


We will also be working on a large group project with repurposed materials to be displayed at the end of the week. 


In addition to the creative projects, we will also offer outings and activities at our sister-business: Burlington Surf Club . Packed lunches are required, as we will not be providing food or snacks. Kids are encouraged to bring upcycling materials from home in addition to the materials provided.


Daily project will include ideas such as:


  • Scrap fabric Jellyfish
  • Paper plate basket weaving
  • Hydrodipping
  • Finger board surfboards
  • Stained glass suncatcher
  • Watermelon bag
  • No-sew t-shirt lunch pouch
  • Tie dye
  • Block print school notebook
  • Seashell ornament
  • Fabric bowl
  • Group weaving project 

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